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Be Beautiful Forever with Desi Ingredients

Be Beautiful Forever with Desi Ingredients

Ever doubted homemade products can make you prettier than before?

If yes, then we have reason to make you believe otherwise. There are so many beauty treatments available in easily found in-home products. The icing on the cake is these treatments although works slow; works steadily to fetch everlasting results. Additionally, you are saved from the hassle of visiting beauty salons and paying them big bucks to come out the same as you were.

Beauty salons offer remedies that don't last long (and those that do, swipe off grand money from your account.).

Even a regular facial at a good brand's salon will cost you around 4-5k. The facial glow would last for a day or two. Thereafter, you would be back to your normal skin texture and lustre.

This time come and explore with us the beauty solutions from your kitchen.

Some products, which beautify you, could not be prepared at home like liquid lipsticks. For that, you can check out our Tamasha Tubs at (Shameless product plug. Yes, we’re aware) We have put a desi twist to our product collection, click here to shop the "The Badmaash Collection". Every colour/shade has a story behind it. Perfect for this Spooky Season. 

Stay tuned with updates from the brand to know more. Meanwhile, we can quickly explore some products which will surely be effective on every Indian skin type. It’s just that you should check the ingredient's sensitivity towards your skin before using it.

1) Coconut Oil

As one of the most versatile ingredients available in every Indian home, coconut oil has various benefits right from pulling out toxins to creating healthy peace and gums.

Swoosh coconut oil around in your mouth for few minutes and then spit it out to get rid of all bad breaths and bacteria. While doing so you can swallow some amount of oil to keep your skin healthy. Coconut oil could also be applied externally to hydrate your skin. Coconut oil is also a great hair mask too and using it regularly on your body and hair will soften your hands and feet cuticles.

2) Home Remedies for Sunburn

In the grilling summers, keeping your skin safe from sunlight or you could be the next one to develop skin cancer. Over usage of soap will dry out your skin. So, using a compressed pad soaked in witch hazel or cold water will surely come handy. Turn towards your kitchen to take some freshly brewed tea leaves (after they have cooled), blended cucumber and cool milk on a soft cloth and use it on your face to soothe itching.

3) Puffy Eye Treatment

Get rid of puffy eyes using tea bags that you have already used for treating your sunburns. Put tea bags in the hot water for a few minutes and then put them on your eyes (after fully cooled). You can use a soft cloth to cover your eyes for those relaxing moments without spending any extra penny. The caffeine will reduce swelling. The herbal tea will ease the inflammation and redness.


4) Multifunctional Water Steam

Steam inhalation has been the best measure to reduce the impact of cold and cough. It is also used in some facial at saloons, to open pores of the skin, clogged by makeups and creams (culprits for acne). But you can also take steam at home using your instruments from the kitchen such as water containers and some clean towels. You can drop tea tree oil into the water which acts as a natural disinfectant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Some mint leaves garnishing will soothe and clean your skin, for no extra efforts!

Make sure not to overdo do it.

Apply mask of honey to close open pores. To tone the skin use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar! Your face will be moisturized like never before.

**Disclaimer: As always with any DIY post, use common sense and be smart. Please use a water steam in at your own risk. Overdoing is problematic for your skin. Don’t put your face too close to the steam or steam for too long. We take no responsibility if you burn your face.:’)

5) Condition Your Tresses

If you are planning to switch over from your regular shampoo and conditioner but haven't been able to make brand's choice, head towards your kitchen this time and use olive oil as it is very effective in creating soft and shiny locks. It acts both as a deep conditioner, and a hair serum that vitalizes your hair. You can add olive oil to your regular shampoo. Try using cold water to wash your hair as a hot water shower takes away essential nutrients from hair.

6) Lip Scrub

As lips are your most sensitive part of the face, no wonder coconut oil can do miracles nourishing them and keeping them juicy. Coconut oil lips scrub will keep them healthy even in winters.

Prepare the scrub mixing coconut oil with coconut sugar (replace it with regular sugar in case you don't have it) and one teaspoon of honey. This scrub will remove dead skin and keep your lips soft. If you have a penchant for the fragrance you can mix your favourite aromatic essential oil to increase its benefits.

**Disclaimer: As with the water steamer, please use the scrub with a certain restraint, overdoing anything causes problems as with scrubbing your lips. It can be a great routine before you apply lipsticks. However, overdoing or scrubbing too harshly can be damaging the lip. Please be careful, don’t scrub too hard or too much.

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No doubt drinking enough water, consuming natural food and using home-based beauty products is a sure shot way to stay beautiful and healthy. Yet you need some beauty products to accentuate your features like eyes and lips. For lips, you have numerous lipstick brands that have varieties of sticks in the solid and liquid form. Liquid lipsticks being the trendiest ones have caught everyone's eyes or in this case ‘lips’.

Try our shades, and set the town talking!

Don't refrain yourself from trying something desi and out of league from Trazenie.

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