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Our Tale

Once upon a time there was a young girl, who dreamed of a world that flourished in creativity. A world that nurtured creation and self expression. A world made out of the fabric of tales. Where everyone around her could express themselves freely. Where everyone was celebrated. That is the world she set out to build. Thank you for being a part of it.


In our spirit, we believe in creation and self-expression. We believe it is integral to the human spirit. It is the catalyst to innovation and growth. It is the very paradigm that drives us, and helps us see beyond the fabric of reality. It gives life to our imagination and is a gateway to the future.


Humans have been living beyond the constraints of the present for eons through the tales we tell and the things we create. We at Trazenie only aim to do justice to that innate need to create and tell stories. To express. We truly hope that we are part of your tale of self-expression. 


Trazenie proudly crafts one of a kind, zero waste & small batch clothing, beauty & accessories founded on our values of authenticity, respect & beauty.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

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Trazenie Beauty

Professional beauty products for a high pay off with superior texture and finish. Enhanced with skincare ingredients. And what’s more? Our formulation was made through a democratic process! Beauty that is for our community, by our community, of our community.

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Trazenie Clothing

Designer-wear that is Hand-made with Pyaar in India.

Trazenie strives to create new and contemporary artworks from traditional techniques of weaving, embroideries, sketching and painting.  

Our pieces are block printed and are completely handcrafted. It takes numerous hours to painstakingly place each block after the other on the fabric to achieve the desired pattern and look for the garment. 

We also believe in the sustainable way of life. We choose to make garments sustainably and consciously with zero wastage. Every garment is made to order. 

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Ethical & Sustainable Practices

Practices that pay an homage to our Indian Heritage. Click on the link to watch the tale of every garment.


Creative & Unique

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Trazenie Accessories

Designer gold and silver plated jewellery that put a precious metal lining on our clouds!

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Meet the people who make it all possible...

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